Purchasing and Production Process

When manufacturing our containers, we always pay heed to only using the most high-quality materials. As an example, for the body of our containers, we only use cold-rolled quality sheet metal DC 01, which is also used in the automobile industry and guarantees an increased strain to rupture. The material is therefore harder and crack-resistant. Our distributors also know that we apply the highest standards of quality, reliability, flexibility and costs.

The leitmotif of our production is “Made in Germany”. Our machines that we use for die cutting, lasing and pressing are made by well-known German manufacturers like Trumpf and Weinbrenner. Combined with our high-quality material, they build the basis for our especially robust container systems.

Our highly qualified employees profit from the year-long experience of our company and design high-quality products with long durability.

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With the Annaberger Feuerverzinkung GmbH that was opened in November 2008 and fits right into the IVB Umwelttechnik GmbH premises, we’ve managed to enormously optimize the value-added process. We can therefore guarantee our customers galvanizing according to DIN ISO 1461 that is perfectly tailored to our containers as well as control of the entire production process.


After leaving the Annaberger Feuerverzinkung GmbH the containers are then completely assembled, which means the component parts such as wheels, brakes and different lid systems are added.

You want to introduce yourself as a distributor or learn more about our production process? Our technical manager will be glad to help you.

Source: www.afz-ergebirge.de

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